“The Escort 2”: Finally, Lily Love Is A Damned Good Whore

“The Escort 2”: Finally, Lily Love Is A Damned Good Whore

2014.05.19 MS Escort2 00I’m not often drawn to “couples’ porn,” but for some reason “The Escort 2” caught my eye, and after watching it, I might find myself going back to the Sweet Sinner well a little more often. I can’t really say what it was about the movie that made me decide to investigate further; the boxcover doesn’t look any different from any other Sweet Sinner boxcover, and the cast, except for Dana DeArmond, is unfamiliar to me. The names – Lola Foxx, Lily Love, Presley Hart – are so porn-generic that I feel like I might well have reviewed movies with all those girls but have no idea who they are or what they look like (apologies to their rabid fans). Well, I’ll do my best to remember them from now on. “The Escort 2” is the story of a new girl to the business – a sweet, innocent tyro who knows what she wants but shies away when she’s on the verge of getting it – and her transformation into (in her words) a damned good whore.


Scene 1:

Marcus London, a seasoned escort company customer, has engaged a young lady of the evening (Lola Foxx) on what seems to be a weekly basis. He knows her well enough to go down on her voraciously and fuck her without a condom (and that, gentlemen, is the difference between an escort and a hooker), which she seems to like (and that is what an escort and a hooker have in common). She’s a sexy, tiny little thing, a slender girl with chestnut hair, a pretty face, and a nice, soft body, and she does a good job on her client, leaving him spent after a good half-hour or so of intense action in all the usual positions. He doesn’t, however, know her well enough to know that she isn’t going to like the fact that he also engaged another girl to come join them, and when Lily Love shows up at the door, Lola flounces out, leaving Marcus alone with the new girl. That is not as exciting as Marcus thinks it is going to be, as she is so new that she doesn’t actually feel comfortable fucking him, and she leaves without even letting him get a hand on her boobs.

Scene 2:

2014.05.19 MS Escort2 02

Dana DeArmond has come a long way since 2005, when her brand of endearingly awkward sexiness made her the internet’s girlfriend and a natural for the kind of alt-porn that flourished on its own for a few minutes until everybody got used to it and decided awkward girls could be in mainstream porn too. Now she’s playing a madam, one whose job is to break in the awkward new girls. When Lily comes back from failing at her first job, Dana decides the only way to get her up to speed is to demonstrate how a real escort does the job. To that end, she lets Lily shadow her on her next date, which is fortunately in about two minutes (escorts of Dana’s caliber are very busy). Tyler Nixon shows up for his appointment, he finds that he’s getting a double for his money, and whatever he paid, he is getting a really good deal. For a shy girl, Lily comes out of her shell pretty quickly when Dana warms up the client with some saucy pillow talk, telling him she wants Lily to watch them. Lily joins in before long, and Tyler’s twofer takes a turn fotr the amazing. This is a great scene, with lots of really good chemistry between all three performers, a real sense of emerging sexuality from Lily, and a sterling performance from DeArmond, who I used to feel I could take or leave but am now going to try to take more often. Her coy sexy talk, maintained through the whole scene, is worth the price of entry all by itself.

Scene 3:

2014.05.19 MS Escort2 04

After some more drama with some other girls, some of Marcus’s issues, some of Lily’s issues – this movie is a great lesson in the difference between romance and stalking (it’s money) – and a lesson in customer service, there is a throwaway scene (throwaway in that it has nothing to do with the plot, not because it is negligible). Seth Gamble plays a client with romantic leanings who wants a girlfriend experience and gets it with the aforementioned Presley Hart, who is not who I thought she was at all. They have a lovely and very couples-friendly tryst on a rose-petal-strewn bed lit by tea lights, twenty minutes of almost-soft-focus romantic sex that is just as dirty as regular porn but has nicer music. Presley Hart is a lean, sharp-faced brunette who plays her part pretty convincingly; she’s got a hot and very romantic client who talks her into staying the night for free, and she does it because she has a crush on him. It looks like she enjoys the sex, but that’s what escorts do. When Dana asks her about the freebie, though, she sticks to her story.

Scene 4:


After their initial meeting, Marcus has been pursuing Lily with a will, requesting her from the agency, showing up at her school (coincidentally, to be fair) and leaving flowers on her car, and she’s not that happy about it. Honestly, she kind of has a stick up her ass – her only real complaint is that he is an asshole, and that’s because he said she might want to look into a new line of work after she was too shy to fuck him, which I don’t really think was out of line at all. Still, persistence means a lot to a girl, and after a lot of drama, with the details of which I will not bore you, she takes his call and goes out to his place, where they finally have the sex he wanted to have in the first place. She even kisses him on the lips, although after the mutual oral, the fucking in five positions, and the belly cumshot, that’s not really all that surprising. She’s no longer that shy little girl from just four scenes ago – she’s a damned good whore now!

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