On Arousal Oil: For A Cruelty-free Clitoris

On Arousal Oil: For A Cruelty-free Clitoris

I have long been fond of On arousal oil. I like to rub it on my clit as I get ready for a sexy date. The warm flush feels sexy and helps me get into the rockin’ sex goddess head space which is, of course, an essential part of the beauty process.

On is a natural essential oil blend so I don’t have to feel creeped out about putting a bunch of weird chemicals on my pusswa.  It has no parabens, gluten, or glycerin and it’s vegan and cruelty free. I feel like such a Bay Area hippy, but I appreciate it partly for those reasons. My vagina is happier knowing that no animals were harmed in the making of this arousal oil and my vagina won’t be either. I am not even vegetarian, but some of my lovers are and I am glad I can use this with them.

When they lick my swollen clit they will taste cinnamon mixed with my juices. The flavor and scent are light and mix well with body fluids.  Unlike other arousal products I have tried, it doesn’t have menthol and it’s not greasy. Although I like the tingle of menthol sensation lubes, sometimes they can feel a little too intense. They can feel like you’ve dipped your nethers into vapor rub if one is overzealous in application. I went a little overboard with the On the first time I used it because I squeezed too hard and a bunch came out. But even then it still felt like a gentle warming instead of a bush fire.

One thing to consider about On is that its oil base makes it incompatible with most types of condoms with the exception of ones made out of Polyurethane. This is true of oil in general. So if I am toting this in my Ho On the Go kit I tend to pack polyurethane condoms with it.

This oil is nice for a variety of sensitive areas; not just the clitoris. It works on nipples, and the tip of the penis. I have not tried it with anal play but tend to like cooling sensations with anal play instead of warming so it more than likely wont be something I try.

On arousal oil is a fun sensation to experiment with for solo or couples play. It’s a good way to add some variety and literal spice to play time.

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Betty Blac
Writer, artist, pornstar and lovable weirdo Betty Blac is a Bay Area Native. She is passionate about social justice, positive sexuality, and shiny things. Despite being known for her on screen jigglegasms, Blac has a slightly nerdy side. She boasts both a BA in Media Studies from Mills and an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Sydney. She writes about everything from pop culture, art, sex toys and porn to oppression and injustice.
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