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Pornstar Interview with Belle Noire

Pornstar Interview with Belle Noire

Where are you from?

I am from Oklahoma City, OK. I’ve lived in some other places like North Carolina and Spain, but I’m from Oklahoma.

How’d you make your way to California?

I moved from Oklahoma to North Carolina where I worked in mainstream films. I met this guy there and he lived in LA, so we eventually moved.

Were you always interested in porn?

I’ve been interested in porn since I was 12, probably younger actually. That’s just when I found out what an actual porno was.

What was it about porn that fascinated you at such a young age?

The sexual energy and passion. I’m very sexual. I started masturbating at 2. I was just really into it and I always stayed up late at night watching porn. There was just something campy about it and magical at the same time. These people were getting to act and have orgasms and I thought it was cool. I like acting and I like to cum, so it’s a good combination.

You started masturbating pretty young.

Yeah, I definitely masturbated a lot. I didn’t know about orgasms or anything. I was just like “Oh this feels good on my clit. I’m gonna keep rubbing it.”

Has your sex life changed at all since entering the industry?

I used to work in porn shops and I fucked everyone, but yes, my sex life has changed so much. Since starting porn I’ve gotten very good at blowjobs, much better. I’m much better at handling things like saliva and stuff like that. I’ve just started to get into more anal play. I’ve also done more bondage, fetish, and BDSM. I like learning about all of that. I’ve changed a lot. I’m very sexually curious.

What are some things you would like to do in future scenes?

I want to do everything. I want to do more anal. I want to do a DP. I think airtight shots are really hot. I want to do interracial. I want to do everything–gangbang, bound gangbang, blowbang. I want to be peed on, I want to pee on someone. I want to do a furry really bad. I have this huge thing for furries, I don’t know why. I love costumes. There’s a lot I want to do. I just want to be a freak and I want to do it all.

Is there anyone you want to work with?

I haven’t worked with Johnny Sins yet or Xander Corvus. Jessie Andrews, definitely, she’s so adorable, and Riley Reid. I want to work with everyone. I like them all (laughs), but those are the ones I really want to work with.

Do you have any other goals for your career?

I want to have my own sex toy line and to have a lingerie line. I’ve always loved lingerie. I started modeling lingerie before I starting working in porn shops and I think it’d be really cool. My lingerie would be similar to Dita Von Teese’s Von Follies line, but a little bit more modern, sexy, and risqué. I want my name on things. I just want to own shit.

How did you come up with your name Belle Noire?

Belle came from Belle de Jour which was Catherine Deneuve’s character in the movie by the same name. The title means “beauty of the day”. She was a high class prostitute with lots of fetish, bondage, and humiliation fantasies. She was super sexy and I thought she was really cool. Plus she could only be a hooker during the day so her husband wouldn’t know. She didn’t need to be one at all. It was pretty hot since she was a little slut. Noire came from film noire. I like dark things and I just felt like it suited me well.

Recently there was a hepatitis C scare when a male porn star tried to work even though he tested positive for the disease. What can the industry do to help protect its performers?

I think the best way to prevent a breakout is through tests because you can’t rely on people to be honest all the time. I actually thought that we were being tested for that the entire time and so that concerned me. [The industry] just changed the rules to make sure everyone has to get tested for hepatitis, and that makes me feel better. It sucks having to pay more to get tested now, but that’s what happens. It’s better than having the government come in and make us wear condoms. We should just get tested and we won’t have to worry about it.

You star in Smash Pictures’ new film Prom Night Virgins where a group of girls enter into a pact to lose their virginity on prom night. How did you lose your virginity?

I was 15 in my freshman year and I was dating a guy that was a senior. We had been dating for 3 months and he wanted to have sex before he graduated. Everybody makes a big deal out of losing your virginity, but I didn’t really care. I just really wanted to have sex. I was waiting for him to ask me because I didn’t want to be all forward and ask him. I just didn’t want to sound like a slut which, I don’t really care about now, but it was an issue at the time. We went to his lake house and we did it at night, but it was not very good. I woke up the next day and my pussy was throbbing. I had to have cock in me like there was no tomorrow. So we did it again and it was great.

Did you go to prom?

I did go to my prom. I was on the prom committee and we made the theme “Putting on the Ritz”. It was pretty cool. We decorated everything and I had a vintage outfit. It was boring though. I went to a Christian school and there were about 50 people there. I said “Hi” then left. I took everyone else back to the parking lot and gave a guy a blowjob and had sex with him in front of everyone. I peed in front of everyone too which I thought was funny because I was wearing a really fancy dress. That’s kind of all I remember. (Laughs) Every memory I have I’m having sex in front of everyone.


So you were always an exhibitionist?

Yes, definitely. Everything I do I want everyone to watch.

How does it make you feel to know that your fans are watching your scenes?

One of my favorite things to do in porn is gonzo stuff and POV, just to become one with the camera. Every time I’m cumming, I think of all the fans and how they’re watching me. I imagine that my fans are thinking about fucking me and that turns me on too. (Laughs) I like saying that on twitter: “Watch my scene, watch my eyes. I’m fucking you”

What are your turn ons?

I’m very turned on by everything (Laughs). I like suits. I think men look really sophisticated in them. I like people that care about themselves and that have goals. That really turns me on. But really I’m turned on by everything.

Small gusts of wind?

(Laughs) yeah…

What are your turn offs?

Bad breath, bad hygiene, and bad manners.

Anything you want to say to your fans?

I love you and keep jacking off to my pornos!

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