Off The Hook: An Insider’s Look Into Phone Sex

Dial Ash for Orgasm: Orgasms on Demand

“Oh God your cock feels so good inside my pussy!” I exclaim, punctuating my moans with sharp intakes of breath.

“Yeah, you like that, Slut? You gonna cum for me?”

“Mmm, yes. I’m going to cum for you. All over that thick hard cock. I’m cumming. Right. Now!” as I let out a deep guttural moan and allow my body to start shaking so he can hear it in my voice. As my orgasmic sounds hit the crescendo, I hear him echoing my passionate cries.

Another satisfied client.

Did I really cum just then? Do I cum on every single call? The honest answer is: no, not always. I do play with myself during the call so that I can make it as authentic as possible. Now if he wants a scene where I‘m whipping him with my riding crop, that’s not the most conducive to masturbatory multi-tasking. Then again, those scenes tend to not require my orgasm at all. Roughly two-thirds of my clients want to hear my orgasm in any given call. Some are strictly focused on their own pleasure and others want a scene that is more focused on sensation, humiliation, or penetration (of him, not me).

Much like “real world” sex, my orgasm depends largely on what’s going on in the scene. If I’m talking about stroking my clit or he’s describing licking my pussy, that call stands a strong chance of ending with my orgasm. Once I actually came before I arrived at that point in the scene. I kept it quiet (years of hookups while my parents were asleep upstairs fostered that handy skill set) and I saved the noises for a more appropriate point in the conversation. There are times when the client wants me to cum almost immediately; this is when the theatrics are necessary.

Under normal circumstances, I am strongly against faking orgasms. I never understood why someone would want to mislead their partner rather than saying, “I’m not quite there yet, why don’t you try this instead?” When I coach clients and teach workshops, I warn that faking orgasms is rewarding bad behavior. Conversely, in phone sex, I’m not actually swallowing every last drop of his cum or pegging him with my strap-on, so my orgasm is often just another part of the fantasy. We are called phone “actresses” for a reason.

The thing that has been most surprising to me throughout my PSO experience has been how turned on I find myself after a call. Even when I’m playing a scene that isn’t one of my own fantasies, by the end of the call, my pussy is wet and I’m eyeing my sex toy collection. I didn’t expect it, but there’s something about intimately connecting with another person that is just…hot. I love knowing that I’m bringing him pleasure. It fulfills a deep-seated need to please others. It’s part of why I got into phone sex.

The truth is—I don’t cum during every call. But in keeping with my need for authenticity, I do masturbate myself to orgasm afterward if I faked it during the call.

It’s only fair.


Image from “International Phone Sex Girls” (1988): (“When Tracy Adams buys a run down phone sex service in Germany, she turns the International Phone Sex Girls in to a cum-drenched success!“)

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Ashley Manta
Ashley Manta is a sexuality educator and blogger, phone sex operator, and pleasure advocate. She has given presentations on kink, partner pleasing, talking dirty, erotic hypnosis, body confidence, and more. In September, she presented at CatalystCon West on a panel titled, “Does This Panel Make Me Look Fat? Body Image and Sexuality.” Her blog was recently voted #18 on’s Top 100 Superhero Sex Bloggers of 2013. Visit her website at or find her on Twitter or Facebook.
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