What Should We Do About the Nation’s “Psycho Teens”?

What Should We Do About the Nation’s “Psycho Teens”?

2014.05.13 MS RPT7 00I’m not sure what makes the girls in “Rocco’s Psycho Teens 7” any more psycho than the average teen, or if they even are really psychos at all. It’s been a while since I spent any significant amount of time hanging around with teens, but seeing that Rocco seems to have absolute platoons of them running around his swank Italian villa, I guess he’d be the one most likely to know the embit of their psychosis. From what I can see, he’s getting all his talent from a pretty crazy part of the world – PT7 features two Czechs, three Hungarians, a Romanian, a Pole, and a Russian, and they seem about par for the course as far as Eastern European teen sluts go. They are about as slutty as their NATO counterparts – while they don’t seem especially psycho, they are definitely crazier than most of the girls I know. Almost all of them are slender, waifish, small-busted, sporting a tattoo here and there, and largely interchangeable but undeniably hot.

There is an almost uniform level of noise produced in each scene, the girls moaning and squealing, panting and shrieking – I don’t know if that’s what they teach you in porn school over there or if it’s just Rocco’s massive dick that elicits that kind of reaction. Either way, none of these girls is a blushing virgin – Rocco must have been trolling the minor leagues over there to have assembled such a consistently experienced bunch of young ladies (in contrast to the claims made on the boxcover, they are not all teens, though). Angie Koks and Misha Cross are blonde and brunette respectively (I’ll tell you if any of them deviate from the aforementioned slender body type – until then you can assume that they are all shaped pretty much the same). Misha seems to like being slapped in the face, and Angie either likes to watch or is very lazy. Their scene on Rocco’s lakeside dock would be deafening if it had taken place inside – they are both screamers. Rocco fucks Angie’s asshole like he’s mad at it, but it doesn’t seem to faze her. Rocco finishes up by pumping a load over Angie’s belly while Misha laps it up.

2014.05.13 MS RPT7 03

Iwia is a brunette with glasses and Minnie Manga is a blonde without; the two have decided to go out and fly Iwia’s boyfriend’s remote-control…you know what? Never mind. There’s a birthday cake, there’s two girls and a guy, there is some flirting, and then Iwia, who has been pretty sassy, ends up sitting on the cake, and you know what an ass full of cake means! (It means you get to eat cake from a girl’s ass.) Then there’s cake on tits, and then cake everywhere, but by the time the clothes are off, the girls don’t need the cake excuse – they really just want to start sucking on cock, pussy, tits, whatever presents itself. Pretty soon the tongues are flying, and then they’ve left cake behind entirely. These two girls play with each other a little more than Angie and Misha did, eating pussy with a will, often while getting fucked from behind (or, really, from any other angle). Rocco’s not in this one (even though it takes place on his dock), so it’s not quite as rough as the first scene, but it’s just as frantic and noisy, and Markus Tynai, the penis, gives a good account of himself. He gives them a facial they can share as the sun sets in the west.

Rocco’s back for the next scene, with another birthday cake (there must have been a sale), sitting between blonde Alice and brunette Lolly Pop, apparently better known as Linda O in her other porn appearances. Rocco, Alice and Lolly make much more extensive use of their cake, absolutely destroying it and leaving Rocco’s crotch and shirt a disaster area, resulting in one of the messiest fucks I’ve ever seen in mainstream porn – Alice can’t wait for a cleanup to climb on, and Lolly takes the opportunity to lick at them both while they’re thus joined. She gets her turn later, though, and takes Rocco in her ass to boot, a trick Alice never manages. Rocco gives his load to Alice as Lolly lolls about and watches.

Amy Wild is another waifish brunette; there’s some kind of story in which Mike Chapman, playing a trainer, is much more invested than she is. He gets her all punchy and angry by sparring with her, and then Mira Cuckold shows up, cranky about something involving her boyfriend, which I think is Michael Chapman? But I’m not sure because neither of them speaks very good English, and also because Mira Cuckold has a great body, a little stocky with big, sexy tits and short hair; she’s the first girl of the whole bunch who looks like she wouldn’t blow away in a strong wind; for all that she’s bigger and tougher-looking than Amy, she’s especially pliable and seems to be a born sub, getting on her knees to suck his cock and then ending up spreading her legs for Amy, who just happens to have a strapon in her gym bag. Michael and Amy use her at both ends, putting all of her holes to good use. Amy gets her share of cock too, riding Michael while Mira lends a helping hand and tongue downstairs. They switch places and positions for a good forty minutes until he uses Amy’s pussy to get himself off, pops on her face, and she and Mira share the load.

Also, there is a bit at the end where Chapman plays the drum with his dick while wearing a motorcycle helmet with goggles on. It’s pretty goofy.

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