Ray J Denies Offering Sex Tape Revenue to Kimye, And I Believe Him

Ray J Denies Offering Sex Tape Revenue to Kimye, And I Believe Him

Someone came up with some ridiculous bullshit this weekend about Ray J, he of the sex tape that actually made Kim Kardashian famous, offering to give the revenue from said awful tape to Kim and Kanye West as a wedding present.

“Don’t believe everything you read about me ‪#‎LiES‬” tweeted Ray J in an inexpensive PR move that resulted in my searching for his music on Spotify.

The article first appeared on celebrity gossip site TMZ, which gets much of its porn news from Vivid co-founder Steve Hirsch (Hirsch used to pay middle man Kevin Blatt to “place” items on TMZ but quickly realized – because he’s Steve Hirsch — that all one has to do is pick up the phone and call Harvey Levin oneself). The article states that Ray J would bestow $46,000 (representing his alleged first 4-months’ sex tape earnings of 2014) to the dowry, allowing Hirsch to be quoted that the tape had made over $50 million since its release seven years ago. Ray J was not sourced in the story. It was a made up publicity stunt to remind the world that Kim Kardashian became famous because of a sex tape owned by Vivid.

People who would believe the rapper — the younger brother of “Moesha” star Brandy — would part with his cash are the same who believe that all the young women lured into a Bang Bus didn’t know full well what was about to happen, having had a full STI panel before doing so. Here are some reasons why Ray J would not give the abominable couple his sex tape proceeds.

1. If there are any proceeds at all, he probably needs the money.

2. Why four months of earnings and not six or twelve? Why not two months, which is the traditional amount of earnings a suitor blows on an engagement ring?

3. $46,000 would not keep little North West in bling-encrusted onesies for three weeks.

No, this is all a cynical ploy to get the second-worst sex tape in history (the first is “1 Night in Paris,” starring Kim Kardashian’s friend Paris Hilton) selling again.

From the 2007 review:

It also fails as a sex movie, because we don’t see nearly enough of the purported star. Kardashian is camera-shy, never fully nude, and always in bed. The tease never arrives at a payoff and, by the time the movie is over, we don’t care.

I know that we strive for a society in which “sluts” are not shamed, that porn is celebrated as a legitimate art form, and that the choice to have sex on film shouldn’t be a career-killer or a source of embarrassment. But this planted, false story trades on the power of shame — Ray J reminding the world how Kim Kardashian got famous — and I feel just a little dirtier having read it.

Of course, for Ray J to record a single called “I Hit It First” suggests that he’s an Any Publicity Is Good Publicity Type who might just lack the moral high ground to complain about a TMZ story.

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