Where It Gets Her: Aiden Starr

Where It Gets Her: Aiden Starr

Aiden Starr packs a wallop, as you well know, but even she needs to be romanced. Today we learn that the mouth is the fastest way to the heart of Our Littlest Dominatrix.


“Initial physical arousal happens in my mouth, and my lips,” she says, all of 4’11” and just the right size for — God, how about Everything. “If I want you, my face flushes.”

Originally from New Jersey, Starr began her career running a dungeon in New York City (back then she called herself Lolita, which must have just upended everyone’s sensibilities) and now splits her time between a fetish career in San Francisco and more traditional porn (and her cat) in Los Angeles, where she also co-hosts Mean Bitches Radio on Sirius XM.

“Some of our topics include ‘How To Run A D/s (Dominant/submissive) Scene Without Looking Like an Asshole,'” she says, then smirks, “‘Master Dragonfire.'”

But despite the No Bullshit confidence and Hot As Fuck swagger, Starr is the sweetest, geekiest porn star you’d ever want to meet (unless you’re also in the room with Mika Tan, and then you’d just need an ambulance).


We’re on the set of the upcoming Adam & Eve movie “Show Me How,” and Starr is feeling out her co-star, Jessie Andrews.

“I’m not usually on sets outside of the range of my core sexuality,” she is saying, “but I like girls.”

Andrews towers over Starr, and her small breasts brush Starr’s face. Starr is playing a predatory housewife to Andrews’ ingenue. It gets cooking pretty quickly.

But we still need to get back to Starr’s mouth.

So, if you feel arousal in your mouth, do you go for the blowjob first?

“No, the kiss,” Starr says. “Rough sex? Throw me around? Fuck me all over the place? Whatever. You’d better Kiss Me First.”

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