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Digital Playground Top Ten

Female owned and operated, the porn company Digital Playground is renowned for its high production values in adult movies for women, men and couples.

Their commitment to excellence, innovative technology, brilliant full-length productions and exclusive smokin’ hot pornstars are the secrets to their success. Since 1993, Digital Playground has earned over 200 awards and has bridged the gap between the entertainment industries.

Digital Playground is the first porn company to produce a true crossover title, Pirates, which went on to receive an R-Rating and gained distribution in all of the major, mainstream retailers. If you want great production values, beautiful girls and mindblowing hardcore sex, check out Digital Playground today!

  1. Teachers by Digital Playground


    Studio: Digital Playground

    If there’s anything in high school that’s as likely as cheerleaders to make you want to take a cut day and spend it at home painting the wall, it has to be teachers. The tall blonde French teacher, the trim little dyke that inspires you through gym class, the geometry teacher whose blouse turns invisible in the sun coming through the window…where was I? Oh,yeah – talking about Digital Playground’s take on teachers. Jenna Haze, Stoya, Lisa Ann, Katsuni and the inevitable Jesse Jane star as the teachers and students who make ethics violations so appealing.

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  2. Cheerleaders by Digital Playground


    Studio: Digital Playground

    Cheerleaders are a staple of porn, and you’ve probably seen a hundred half-assed efforts from other companies with girls in uniforms that you often recognize from the last volume going through the motions. And sure, those motions are pleasant, but come on, cheerleaders? But then, hey, wait – Digital Playground cheerleaders. Alexis Texas, Priya Rai, Stoya, Brianna Love and – of course – Jesse Jane as every high-schooler’s favorite spank bank fodder class up the old clichés like never before.

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  3. Babysitters by Digital Playground


    Studio: Digital Playground

    In 2007, Digital Playground took another step in fantasy fulfillment in its army of franchises. DP might be the best company in the world when it comes to latching on to a good thing and repeating as necessary, and the new idea – putting its amazing stars like Jesse Jane, Gina Lynn, Sophia Santi, Teagan Presley and Sasha Grey in the iconic roles that every man fantasizes about – was almost a no-brainer. Babysitters doesn’t tread any new ground theme-wise, but the difference between this and any other movie about babysitters is the difference between a five-star steakhouse and a McDonald’s.

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  4. Forbidden Tales by Digital Playground

    Forbidden Tales

    Studio: Digital Playground

    Before Digital Playground stumped up a million dollars to make Pirates, they were already on the road to the amazing special effects extravaganza, putting Tera Patrick front and center in this seriously ambitious computer-assisted effort that paired fantasy with digital reality and broke new ground in technological efforts to get people off. Ten years ago, DP was using special effects at about the level that other studios are getting to now, and … well, Tera Patrick with a sword.

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  5. Mrs. Behavin' by Digital Playground

    Mrs. Behavin'

    Studio: Digital Playground

    How long was Janine Lindemulder a girls-only performer – ten, twelve years? For all that time, she was very satisfying to the people who just wanted to see her with other women but incredibly frustrating if you wanted to watch her having sex the way God intended – with cocks. And then, miracle of miracles, she burst into new life with Digital Playground, making movies in which she did her first her first guy, her first threesome, her first interracial…it was like a dream come true. This soft-focus, slow-motion fantasy featured Janine, Sara Stone, Jelena Jensen and Sophia Santi in Janine’s interracial threesome debut, and it was worth the wait.

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  6. Virtual Sex with Jesse Jane by Digital Playground

    Virtual Sex with Jesse Jane

    Studio: Digital Playground

    Jesse Jane has been the face of Digital Playground for nearly a decade, which makes her the face of porn itself for many fans. Beloved by nearly everyone, the star of most of Digital Playground’s top films was the perfect choice for a Virtual Sex disc. Her gorgeous face, manic pixie energy and fantastic body had most people who saw her work lusting after her, and she does not disappoint in this POV turn. With Virtual Sex with Jesse Jane, DP continued their sterling tradition of giving the fans what and who they wanted most.

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  7. Island Fever 3 by Digital Playground

    Island Fever 3

    Studio: Digital Playground

    If you ever paged through a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and wished you could see those girls having crazy supermodel sex in their island hideaways, this is the movie for you. One of the first features shot entirely in high- definition, Island Fever spared no expense in pushing the boundaries of what fans should expect from a porn movie. Shot on location in Tahiti and Bora Bora, Island Fever 3 outdid even its acclaimed precursors with lush tropical sets, gorgeous camerawork, and the most beautiful stars in the business. If the name Digital Playground means quality to you, and it should, this movie is one of the reasons.

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  8. Virtual Sex with Tera Patrick by Ditgital Playground

    Virtual Sex with Tera Patrick

    Studio: Ditgital Playground

    Porn doesn’t really offer a classier broad than Tera Patrick (not since the seventies, anyway) and viewers all around the world made her one of the most popular adult performers ever, so it’s fitting that her entry is one of the first and best in Digital Playground’s groundbreaking series of Virtual Sex DVDs – the discs that took advantage of digital technology to let the fan become a virtual part of the action. Getting to tell Tera what to do and how to do it – positions, attitude, even orgasms - and then watch her obey was one of the biggest thrills porn had to offer.

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  9. Pirates #2 - Stagnetti's Revenge by Digital Playground

    Pirates #2 - Stagnetti's Revenge

    Studio: Digital Playground

    How do you follow up the most expensive porn movie ever made? You follow it up with an even bigger, better, more ambitious production. Pirates 2 had everything its predecessor did, including a huge cast, a great script, actual acting, and the benefit of another three years of advances in special effects. With a record-breaking 12 AVN awards – Best Director, Best Actor, Best Screenplay, Best Special Effects and seven more, Pirates 2 is one of those rare sequels that not only equals but surpasses the original. Swash and unbuckle!

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  10. Pirates by Digital Playground


    Studio: Digital Playground

    There is no way to deny it - Pirates is arguably the greatest porn movie ever made. Others have been more meaningful, better-acted, even – rarely – more successful, but no other movie had the combination of epic scope, state-of-the-art production values, star power, and sheer fun . So ambitious that it took two studios to make it, Pirates was not just a big movie, it catapulted its creators to fame, making Digital Playground and Jesse Jane household names. And fortune favored the bold – Pirates won a raft of AVN awards including Best DVD, Best Video Feature, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress and six others. With enough special features to choke a dragon and more fun per minute than any porn movie ever, Pirates is a winner all around.

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